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Our team at Futuretheory are experts in the world's premiere contact management system. We first started developing and designing websites on WordPress in 2008 and have since worked with over 100 clients- refining our process down to an art along the way. Our expertise in WordPress, combined with our extensive knowledge of marketing and Search Engine Optimisation, enables us to deliver modern, scalable, high-performing, and visually stunning websites to clients, every time. The result is search engine and user-friendly websites that work 24/7 to generate leads for our clients.

Why We Choose WordPress

WordPress is undoubtedly the best content management system out there. With our expertise and experience, we can confidently say that it’s the most reliable way to ensure our clients a responsive, fast, secure, and highly customisable website. 

Thanks to its open-source nature, WordPress is constantly evolving, with hundreds of new plug-ins being added every day. This provides us with endless possibilities to improve, optimise, and design beautiful websites. With WordPress, the sky is the limit.

Highly custom websites 

No two businesses are the same, and no two websites should be the same either. This is why we use WordPress to design bespoke custom website templates for every single one of our clients. WordPress has 1000s of available plug-ins, allowing us to easily scale up the functionality of websites – whether it’s as simple as adding a donation button or as complex as building an e-commerce platform.

Easy to use and update

At Futuretheory, we firmly believe that a successful website in the long term is one that is regularly updated and managed. This is why we choose WordPress – it allows us to build an intuitive and simple back-end for our clients, allowing them to upload fresh content and maintain their website without hassle. No coding knowledge or tech savviness required. This means more successful websites that perform better in search engines.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system that allows people to create and maintain websites without needing advanced technical skills. It’s a user-friendly platform that enables individuals and businesses to manage their websites’ back end easily.

One of the significant benefits of WordPress is that it is an open-source platform. This means that third-party developers can create plug-ins for WordPress, making it a dynamic environment with ever-expanding options. Plug-ins are pre-packaged features that can be downloaded and added to your website, providing things like e-commerce functionality and back-end features like SEO analysis.

These features are why WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world, powering over 43.3% of all websites. That means 1 in 4 websites you visit online are likely run on WordPress.

Do WordPress websites require maintenance?

Regular maintenance is essential for all websites, and WordPress sites are no exception. Regular maintenance ensures they function at their best and have no security weaknesses. Google also heavily favours regularly updated and maintained websites in the search engine rankings, so it’s also important for SEO!

This maintenance mostly comes in the form of installing regular updates for themes and plug-ins, as well as WordPress itself. These updates are essential as they often include bug fixes, security enhancements, and new features essential to maintaining your site’s security and functionality.

Futuretheory also offers WordPress website maintenance in our range of services, giving you peace of mind that your website is performing at its best without the hassle of troubleshooting problems yourself.

We install all updates with care, testing them in a staging environment first to ensure they are implemented correctly. We also regularly back up your website to ensure you never lose any content, and we can get your website back up and running almost instantly if anything happens.

Can I design my own WordPress website?

WordPress does have free themes and templates available that allow you to build a website without any coding skills. However, this doesn’t allow you to build a dynamic website tailored to your specific needs and gives no guarantee that it will perform at high level.

Hiring an expert to design and develop a custom WordPress website form scratch means that your website will be tailored to your business. You can ensure that your website has all the functionality you need to drive forward your business goals, and the design correlates with your brand identity.

Outsourcing your WordPress website development to an agency with the right expertise also means your website will load quickly, be highly secure, and optimised for search engines. These are all crucial aspects of website development and design most free templates and themes can’t offer.

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