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FemiliPNG is a Papua New Guinea-based NGO founded in 2012. They help survivors of family and sexual violence access the services, support and care that they need. As of 2023, they’ve helped over 5,000 survivors and over 1,100 people find safe accommodation away from violence. They have three case management centres across Papua New Guinea where they empower survivors and give them the platform they need to recover. Being such a strong organisation with a clear objective and so many tangible stories of the people they’ve helped, it was important to FemiliPNG that their website reflect this, leading them to reach out to us in 2022. They needed a website that was easy to use while still being striking and informative. Improving the user experience and ease of use was also important for us and FemiliPNG. We aimed to upgrade their donation page, which required benefactors to click an outbound link when we started working with them. While their existing website served them well, they felt like they could improve their communication and design to further put the incredible work they do, as well as how people can help their cause, in the spotlight. Working with an NGO that handles such sensitive issues required a special touch. We had to be creative with the photos we used due to sensitivity issues and balance the design in a way that is still visually striking without detracting from the important information and serious nature of the topic.
Along with our standard web development process such as refining the menu system and improving the site map and user navigation, we expanded on their existing strong colour scheme and branding to modernise the look and feel. A local Papua New Guinea artist, Larry Santana, saw the importance of giving FemiliPNG the right platform to tell their story and volunteered to add graphics, giving us the leafy tropical foliage motif seen throughout the site. Following the goal of putting the excellent work they do for vulnerable people in Papa New Guinea at the forefront, we changed the focus of the landing page. The website instantly lets you know who they help and how, as well as putting their motto, “Care. Support. Change,” right at the user’s eye line and expanding on it directly below. We also reworked their donation page, allowing visitors to donate directly to the site in just a few clicks. We added three recommended donation amounts, each one offering a real-life description of how the different amounts help. This simplified the donation process significantly for users as well as providing moving, factual context to their donation.
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