SEO Canberra

Our strategy for Canberra SEO services is careful, data-driven and takes into account the whole digital marketing strategy - including Search Engine Marketing. Our goal is for your Canberra business to surpass your competitors while still generating long-term, sustainable results. We understand that quick fixes may seem attractive, but they often lead to short-term gains that can hurt your business in the long run. This is why we strongly believe in SEO practices that will pay off all the way down the line rather than just tomorrow.

Our Approach To SEO In Canberra


Introductory Meeting & Research

Like everything else we do, we start our SEO process by meeting the client, taking a wide-angle look at where they stand now, and learning where they want to go. We do this by taking this opportunity to look at any existing data using tools such as Google Search Console or Google Analytics. Then, we review this information with you to determine what keywords to focus on and develop a clear SEO campaign plan. We also take a close look at your competitors from an SEO standpoint to gain a better understanding of the competition. This is a key part of effective SEO – looking at how your website stacks up against your competitors.


Technical SEO Review

Once we’ve assessed the current situation, developed our SEO campaign plans and gotten the go-ahead from the client, we start looking at things from a more technical perspective. This means understanding the configuration of your website, its content, and how it performs on a functional level. The more technical SEO elements are something an effective SEO strategy never neglects – since even things like slow page loading times can affect your ranking. This is where our team’s diverse expertise comes in handy – we have experienced developers in-house as well as our digital marketing team.


A Custom SEO Plan

Each website and industry is unique, with a different target audience and marketing needs. This is why coming up with a customised SEO plan is so important. Like everything else we do at Futuretheory, we pride ourselves on developing a strategy designed just for you rather than following a cookie-cutter template.


Content Strategy

Ensuring your website is full of fresh, quality content is one of the most essential components of a strong SEO strategy. It’s a great way to hit keywords and build authority in the eyes of the Google Algorithm while also attracting your intended audience with engaging and informative topics. Our content strategy starts by identifying gaps in your website and determining what content is necessary to align with your targeted keywords. Our talented team of SEO copywriters can create content for you, or you can provide your own, and one of our SEO Canberra experts can optimise it.


On-Page SEO

We take a broad look at your website’s technical structure, examining the layout and placement of information to ensure it’s SEO-friendly. We optimise the URL and title tag to incorporate the targeted keywords and build up internal links. On-page SEO is one of the most fundamental forms of optimisation. Google uses these on-page factors to understand what kind of user experience your website offers and what the intent of your website and its different pages are.


Link Building (Off-Page SEO)

Link building is the process of strategically increasing the number of hyperlinks to your website on other parts of the internet. This is otherwise known as “backlinking” or off-page SEO. Google uses these backlinks to determine the quality of a website and rank it accordingly. They’re essentially endorsements: If your website is linked to on lots of highly trafficked, reputable sources, Google will assume your website is more valuable and trustworthy. One of the best ways to get backlinks is through social media marketing and content marketing by posting quality content others will want to refer to on their own website. It’s also possible to trade links with other websites by doing deals or manually posting your link to directories and other sites. Link-building is a time-consuming and difficult process, but can play a huge role in helping your website rank higher.

What Does Our White Hat SEO Approach Mean?

Most of the best SEO companies and award-winning SEO agencies have one thing in common: They only use “White Hat” SEO practices. These are sustainable, honest ways to improve your ranking. The main goal is to create a website that internet users find genuinely helpful and informative through legitimate tactics, high-quality content, and hard work. “Black Hat” strategies, on the other hand, get results quickly but through dishonest means. Black Hat strategies include keyword stuffing with invisible text, purchasing hundreds of irrelevant backlinks, and duplicating poor-quality content.

This is why you have to be wary of companies that promise SEO results too quickly –  they may be using Black Hat strategies. While quick results sound enticing, the Google Algorithm gets better every day at catching onto these strategies and penalising websites accordingly. This means being dropped right down in the search rankings or even permanently banned.

Where Is Our Canberra SEO Team Based?

If a leading SEO agency based locally is what you’re after, reach out to our team at Futuretheory. We’d love to meet you for an introductory meeting at our office in Beard, 20 minutes from Canberra’s city centre. Or, we can come to you at any convenient location. Whatever works best for you.

Who Can Benefit From Canberra SEO Services?

Most businesses and industries in Canberra can benefit from SEO. If your business receives customers or leads from Google search results related to your services – you’re the perfect candidate for SEO.

However, for some businesses, SEO may not seem like the most suitable strategy. Our team at Futuretheory can identify this and discuss it in an initial meeting. At the same time, our seasoned SEO team can detect opportunities that might be apparent to an untrained individual.

Is SEO A One-Time Service?

Whether SEO is a one-time service, a short-term or long-term strategy depends on your industry and, more importantly, what your competitors do. A short SEO campaign might work for you if your industry or competitors aren’t especially focused on SEO. At the same time, if your competitors pick up on the fact that you’re conducting SEO and getting results (which often happens), they, too, might start looking into SEO and increase your competition.

It’s also important to remember that many SEO tactics that provide long-term results are ongoing, such as the technicalities of your website and uploading fresh, quality content regularly. Google algorithms are also ever-evolving, and for an SEO campaign to stay effective, they need ongoing monitoring and expert understanding.

Can I Do My Own SEO?

If you’re wondering if you can do SEO yourself, the answer is yes. However, it’s important to keep in mind that SEO best practices are constantly evolving, and the field is fiercely competitive. If you’re a small business owner, you likely already have a lot on your plate. You probably don’t want to add becoming an SEO expert to that list.

Most businesses would see better results from hiring an established SEO agency in Canberra. This way, you can concentrate solely on your business and the potential customers and leads that your SEO strategy will bring. This is why professional SEO is an investment – you can climb up in the search engine results page and increase your website traffic without all the stress of doing organic SEO and digital marketing yourself.

Why A Local SEO Company In Canberra Is The Way To Go

SEO services in Canberra offer something remote companies can’t: local Canberra expertise. Knowing your target audience is vital for any form of digital marketing, and trying to drive organic search engine traffic is no exception. Working with SEO consultants in Canberra means they come armed with a deep understanding of the local market, customer preferences, cultural nuances, and regional trends. Canberra companies are by default better positioned to understand your business’s unique needs, local competitors, and specific goals. This means they can tailor their search engine optimisation strategy accordingly for better SEO success, unlike other digital marketing agencies overseas.

Find The Right SEO Agency, Canberra

Unfortunately, some people negatively perceive the field because of their past experiences with “SEO professionals” who failed to deliver SEO results. They most likely didn’t have a point of contact to discuss their website’s progress with or a face to put behind the project. Even worse, we’ve worked with businesses in Canberra that received poor-quality, remote SEO agency services, ultimately hurting their long-term digital reputation in exchange for quick results from SEO services.

We’re a Canberra SEO agency with years of experience and a different approach to SEO. Unlike other SEO companies, we believe in communication and collaboration with every client and using only high-quality SEO tactics. This means we only use White Hat SEO techniques that boost your search engine ranking in a sustainable way.

When you work with us, you can also rest assured that our whole team is based in Canberra, leading to better quality work. This is why we stand by the statement that we have some of the best SEO Canberra has to offer. As a digital marketing agency, we also offer a full range of design, development and marketing services and have worked with companies across Canberra and Australia as a whole.