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We started developing websites in 2008, and our team has honed their skills to perfection since then. We've worked with big and small businesses to drive forward their unique goals and delivered exceptional websites every time, fine-tuning our web development process down to an art. So, if you're looking for a reliable and adept web development team that will work with you every step of the way, you can count on us.

Completely custom

We understand that it’s important for you to have your website designed exactly the way you want it. This is why our team at Futuretheory takes pride in our collaborative approach and effective communication that ensures we convert your vision into a website. Our team stays in close contact with you throughout the web development process, enabling you to fully customise your website and provide continuous feedback.

Works across all devices

We appreciate the importance of having a website that works flawlessly on any device, with more browsing being done on mobile than ever, and tablets being so popular. Our team will ensure that your website’s design and functionality are never compromised, and your website is as user-friendly as possible regardless of the device your customers are using.

Fast load times

We guarantee a focus on lightning-fast loading times for your website, regardless of whether it’s being viewed on a mobile device or desktop computer. We know that every second counts when it comes to capturing and retaining your customer’s attention. Slow loading times don’t have to be a worry when you have the right expertise behind your website. Trust us to make sure your website is always performing at its best and as efficiently as possible.


Our team takes a comprehensive approach to ensure your website is SEO-friendly as it can be. We know attracting new leads is crucial for any business, and that reaching more customers is key.

Having the right SEO strategy in place will help you reach the right people in the right place, organically, month after month. This means ranking higher on search engines, boosting your online visibility without the need for paid advertising by generating organic traffic. Let us help you achieve your growth potential through an effective, conscious SEO strategy.

Easy and intuitive to manage

Our web development makes it a priority during the website development process to create intuitive and easy-to-use websites that you can manage with ease. Our websites are so easy to use that anyone with basic computer know-how, like how to edit a Word doc, can manage their site without hassle. 

We do this for your convenience and because, ultimately, an up-to-date and easy-to-manage website is a successful one. The more you upload content onto your website and update it, the more the Google Algorithm favours it in the search rankings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start when creating a website?

When you’re looking to create a website for your business, the first step is to identify the type of website you want and your priorities. If you provide services, you may want to streamline the booking process with an in-site system. If you sell products, you may want to enable customers to order directly from your website. Do you value a unique design? Is your current site-map satisfactory or does it require an overhaul to enhance user-friendliness?

Considering these priorities is essential, as gaining a clear understanding of what you want will enable you to make an informed decision about whether or not you want a web development company to build your website.

What is website development?

The process of developing a website encompasses a wide range of tasks that are essential for bringing it to life online. From designing and coding the front-end interface to building the back-end functionality, every step in the website creation process falls under the umbrella of website development. Every single aspect of website building plays a critical role in its success, from crafting an eye-catching layout to writing code that ensures smooth functionality.

Why is website development so important?

For businesses, a well-crafted website is an absolute necessity. In today’s digitally dominated world, your website will often serve as the primary point of contact for prospective customers, meaning it’s your chance to make a good first impression. This means having a website that not only has a visually appealing layout, but also functions seamlessly, as your website directly impacts how customers view your brand.

How does website development help your brand?

Web development is an integral part of any digital marketing strategy: having a well-designed website builds credibility and brand identity. A modern and professional website will reflect positively on your business, showing that you are dynamic and committed to providing the best possible experience for your customers.

How much does it cost to build a website in Australia?

There’s no standard price for web development in Australia: it varies greatly depending on the complexity of the website and what features you want to include. Different web development agencies will have different prices to match their experience and expertise level.

The old adage “you get what you pay for” often rings true when it comes to website development. While picking an offshore website developer is often cheaper, it usually means a compromise on customisation, customer service and quality.

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