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We are Futuretheory. Canberra web developers and web designers, passionate about Canberra web design. We have designed and developed 100+ websites for organisations of all sizes.

Website design is a critical part of marketing and digital marketing, especially today where marketing happens from the moment someone Googles your business and lands on your website.

We believe that every website should be a professional asset – working 24/7 to impress visitors and showcase why they should go with you. We also believe that every website should have a unique design, rather than simply reusing a collection of templates on every project, and simply changing a colour or two. That is why you’ll find our web design to be unique from client to client – aligning carefully with their marketing strategy and branding.

Damiane (left) and Germaine (right) – we pride ourselves on designing and developing high quality websites.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is also something we keep in mind when designing and developing a website. As a complete digital marketing agency, we support our client’s professional digital marketing efforts long after a website is launched. This means that if you need help with branding, we can do that for you. Once a website is designed, developed, and launched, we can then assist you with your digital needs such as digital marketing, social media, search engine optimisation (SEO), inbound marketing, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and overall brand awareness building.

Building to the highest standards

We have a tried and tested in-house approach to web design and web development services, with minimum standards that include ensuring a website is mobile responsive, looks unique, aligns with your branding and communications goals, is secure, loads fast, and helps you grow better in the digital world. We do not out source the web design and web development of your website either, with our dedicated team doing all the work in-house in our Canberra office. This ensures the utmost quality of product and ensures that every website we build lasts for a long time, and has helped us build a name as a web design agency that clients can rely on, time and time again.

Difference between website design and website development

While often confused, web design and web development are completely different components of a professionally delivered website. Web design refers to the visual aspects of a website – how everything looks, colours used, and everything else a user interacts with. This is known as user experience design (UX design) which is similar to graphic design. Website development refers to the behind the scenes workings of a website – how something is coded, and how functions are carried out.

While they do go hand in hand, the skill sets required of web designer and a web developer vary greatly. A web designer is often trained in visual design perhaps even graphic design, how to pick colours, selection of fonts, etc that contribute to the branding and communications elements of a website. A web developer on the other hand is tasked with selecting the platform that the website will run on, and coding it in such a way that is secure, reliable, and fast.

At Futuretheory, we have professional in-house designers and developers with extensive experience in their respective fields to create creative solutions. This means that we can design a website as per a project or client requirement, and then develop the back end management accordingly too. We can handle all your website needs. If design projects need to be built on a WordPress website with web hosting for example, we are not limited in what we can do when it comes to design.

What benefits does being in Canberra provide to our Canberra based clients?

Based in the Canberra region, our location provides a lot of benefits to our local customers that our competitors cannot offer such as a knowledge of the local market and friendly, personal support. We know what you as a Canberra business is going through as we have to go through the same. Being local means that customer satisfaction is top of mind. We can spend one-on-one time with businesses, understanding their needs better and being there for them physically should they need us.

We have been working with Canberra businesses since 2008 and support a range of local organisations and charities within the Canberra region as well. We have a lot of trust and belief in Canberra. We know that as a city we have come a long way, and we see the potential for growth and prosperity.

How much does a new website cost?

Discussing the cost of a new website is like discussing the price of a new car – it varies depending on numerous factors. At the same time, we are also aware of the fact that a Ferrari is not great for a family of 7, just like an SUV is not great for racing. There are many factors when it comes to determining the cost of a high quality website, some things to consider:

  • The potential customers/target market and their expectations
  • Functionality such as e Commerce capability
  • Is a Content Management System necessary
  • How many pages need to be developed
  • Is there content or does a copywriter need to be involved for content creation, search engine optimisation (SEO) and search rankings
  • Any other web development and digital services considerations

Budget is another advantage we have. By not maintaining large, expensive offices, we are able to pass on savings to our customers. We want to provide Canberra businesses and individuals with the best service possible, no matter their budget. Whether it is a Canberra business that is after getting a website designed, or a Canberra resident who needs a web designer in Canberra to maintain their website for them, or of course if they want a website developed for their Canberra business, we want to be affordable and approachable. We make every effort to work with budgets. Thanks to our flexible payment options, we’re able to cater to small business owners based out of garages as well as large businesses with multiple offices.

If you’re not a Canberra based person or company, we can still work with you. While we’d love to meet our clients in person, we work with clients from all over the country on a daily basis in the web design and development space – in fact, we work on more projects interstate than we do on projects based in Canberra.

Technology is also at a stage where we can overcome most of the disadvantages distance can bring with it. Of course, if it is crucial that we are there physically, we can arrange to travel or make other allowances to ensure a quality solution is delivered, such as video calls where we provide training or extra tracking of key components. We do not compromise on anything when it comes to being a digital agency of marketers, digital strategists and web designers in Canberra.

WordPress Websites

We primarily design and develop on WordPress. After spending more than a decade refining the way we build websites, using the latest technology, we are able to create websites that are loved by search engines and help generate more leads, more customers and more revenue.

Our approach to web design

We have a very careful and considered approach to web design that we have refined over the years, this approach continues to evolve and improve. At a high level, we take the following approach:

  • Face to face meeting – we always meet with our customers first, and where possible we visit offices and/or facilities. This gives us a better idea of who we are going to work with, and provides context to the project. During this meeting we dive into what necessitates the project and what would consider the project a success for your company.
  • Brand research and competitor research – we discuss competitors, look at what they are doing, and understand where your brand is placed within the market.
  • Existing website design and asset review – understand what is working, what is not working, what can be taken from existing websites, brochures, branding etc and what needs to be created or improved.
  • Site mapping and planning – we map out the pages for the project, and a plan on collecting content and dividing responsibilities amongst your business and team.
  • Wireframing – we create concepts around key pages, what they should contain and how it looks on the page.
  • Designing – this stage is about building upon the wireframe and finalising the professional web design.
  • Development – the website is coded or developed, and all content is added. Optimisations and final checks are done prior to launch to make sure your site is responsive and in working order.
  • Launch – your newly designed and developed website is launched!

Canberra Website Design

If you are you looking a Canberra web design agency to work closely with, or have any questions, please get in touch.