The Council of Australian Therapeutic Advisory Groups (CATAG) is a national advisory body comprised of nine different therapeutic advisory groups across Australia. They promote the quality use of medicines and provide guidance on medication-related issues including best practices, medication safety, and therapeutic decision-making.

CATAG works towards improving the quality, safety, and cost-effectiveness of medication use in healthcare settings across Australia. It does so by fostering collaboration and information-sharing between regional advisory groups.

These advisory groups play a critical role in improving medication practices in healthcare. They review clinical evidence, evaluate new medications, develop guidelines, and advise healthcare professionals on the appropriate use of medicines. Their work contributes to better patient outcomes while minimising risks and costs.

We developed and designed a new website for CATAG to help showcase the important work they do. The result is a website that’s professional and clear, reflecting CATAG’s established background and putting their initiatives and ethos at forefront.

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