Web Design Sydney

Futuretheory is an Australian web design agency with over a decade of experience. Having worked on more than 100 new websites for clients across Australia, our team of web developers and designers and developers has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience. We're passionate about using this expertise to deliver our clients the best possible outcomes when creating a new website, with every decision driven by strategy. If you're looking for a web designer, here's why we might be the right agency for you:

Sydney Web Design: Creating Your Digital Presence

As a full-service digital agency, we understand the crucial role web design plays in the customer journey. Your website often serves as the first point of contact between your business and potential customers. First impressions make all the difference, and that’s why we’re committed to delivering creative website design and development that showcases why a potential customer should choose your business.

Fully Custom Digital Presence

Your brand identity is unique, and your website should be, too, if you want to stand out in the digital landscape. That’s why we place an emphasis on custom web design. Our web design and development never uses templates from our previous work and makes a few tweaks. Instead, all our websites are custom-designed by our web designer and tailored to align carefully with your needs, branding, and marketing strategy.

Over A Decade Of Exceptional Web Design, Sydney and Beyond

At Futuretheory, we have a time-tested and dependable approach to creative web design and web development services. Like any exceptional web designer, we know how to strike the perfect balance between beauty and function and how to design in a way that engages audiences and actively drives more conversions for your business. Ultimately, the websites we design are more than just visually appealing – they help your business grow forward and increase your brand development.

A Proven Track Record

We have a proven track record of developing successful websites and working with businesses big and small. We are motivated by results and ensuring that you and your business get the results you are after. Check out our work page to see some examples.

Fully In-House Design Agency

We never outsource any step of the web design or development phase, with our team of experienced web designers and web developers doing all the work in-house. This helps us ensure the highest quality web designs possible for our clients in Sydney. It’s this dedication that has earned us a reputation as one of the most trustworthy and reliable web design agencies in Sydney, Canberra, and beyond.

WordPress Web Design and Development Agency

We primarily design and develop websites on the WordPress platform. After a decade spent refining our craft, we find it’s the most reliable way to ensure a website is easy to use, responsive, fast, and secure.

The Relationship Between Web Design and Search Engine Optimisation

We have a deeper understanding than most web designers of the role web design plays in SEO. Overall, the better experience your website provides, the higher it ranks on search engines. Google considers more than just your content – it takes into account factors like your website speed, your navigation and website structure, and how responsive your website design is.

As dual digital marketing and website design experts, we take all these factors into account during the web design process to ensure your website is as SEO-friendly as possible before it even moves onto the web development stage.


Web Designs for Businesses Big and Small

Our goal is always to offer our clients the best possible web design solutions, no matter their budget. Whether you’re a large corporation requiring an intricate website design with many functionalities or a one-person entity working from home, we know a well-designed website is still important for your business to grow. That’s why we make every effort to make our website design services accessible to a wide range of people through flexible payment options.

Types of Websites Our Web Design Team Creates

Our web design and web development team has a diverse range of skills and years of experience creating beautiful websites. This diverse range of skills means our website designers are fully equipped and capable of delivering a custom website solution, no matter your needs. We’re proficient in the following web design projects and digital solutions:

Small business web design

eCommerce websites

Online stores

Member Organisations

Fully Responsive Web Design Experience

When we create websites, we always ensure they’re fully responsive. This ensures that your website always looks and functions at its best, no matter what device your website visitors are using.

This is essential in today’s day and age –  over 55% of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices as of August 2023. This means that if your website isn’t fully optimised, you miss alienating over half your traffic with a slow, buggy website. It’s for this reason that our digital agency has made designing fully responsive websites our priority with every single website project we work on.

Mobile Friendly Web Design

We build websites that flawlessly adapt to any screen size or device, ensuring a seamless user experience no matter what device potential customers are browsing on. Having a smooth and functional mobile website that loads quickly will ensure you’re capturing the massive market of people who primarily use their mobile browsers, and this is what we do.

User-Friendly Websites

We always keep users in mind every step of the way during the web design process. The best web designers know that user-friendly websites always lead to better engagement and user satisfaction, increasing your chances of conversion. A high-quality website is one that is easy to use, with an uncluttered, easy-to-navigate user interface.

This is especially important on landing pages or an online store, so that anyone who visits your website can find precisely what they’re looking for in as short a time as possible. Website visitors browse the internet at a lightning-fast pace, so user-friendly website design is vital to keep their attention.

The easier your website is to navigate, the longer users will stay and the likelier they are to become paying customers!

Search Engine Friendly Web Design – Sydney

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of our core professional services at Futuretheory, through keyword research, SEO content creation, and technical optimisation. We take our SEO knowledge and apply it to all our digital solutions, including our web design service.

Our Web Design Process

Now that we’ve told you what our web design agency is all about, we’ll run you through our collaboration and website design process so you can make an informed decision about whether we’re the right design and development agency for you:


Initial Meeting With Our Web Designers

Our first step is always meeting our clients, whether this is face-to-face or over video chat. Getting to know each other is one of the most important stages. In order for our website designer to create a truly custom designed website, we need to gain a deep understanding of your brand identity and what your goals and objectives are for your new website.


Competitor and Market Analysis

During this initial meeting, we take a look at who your main competitors are in your unique field and what they’re doing online. Designing a website for a business in the construction industry is very different than for a fashion brand, and this research into the Sydney web landscape in your field allows us to understand what tack to best take when creating a custom design for your business. We then take a look at your existing website design and online assets to assess what is and isn’t working and what web pages your business could benefit from, whether it’s a custom-designed online store, job board, or member directory.


Site Mapping and Planning

At this point, we take all the knowledge we’ve gained about your business, and our designers create a sitemap and plan for your new website. We map out the landing pages we’ll need to custom design and develop, then liaise with your team about what content, graphic design, visual elements, and functions will be on those pages. Our professional designers then create the wireframe of your site. We create concepts around key pages, what they should contain and how the visual elements will look on the page.


Make Use Of In-House Copywriters

You’re welcome to import the written content from your existing website, or one of the experienced copywriters from our marketing team can create search engine-optimised, compelling copy on your behalf. A talented copywriter can make everything from your company to your product engaging and tailor it to your target audience carefully.


Web Development And Launch

At this stage, your website is ready to be passed on from our web design team to our experienced team of web developers! Once our team have developed the front end and back end of your new website, we perform extensive testing before launch. This includes performance testing, cross-browser and mobile responsiveness testing, and quality assurance. We never launch a website that isn’t up to the high standards of our digital agency.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Sydney Web Design and Development Cost?

Discussing how much a Sydney website design agency will charge is often like discussing how long a piece of string is – there’s no one answer. Different Sydney designers will charge different amounts depending on their experience and the scope of the web design and web development project.

Sydney web design varies in cost based on a few different factors:

  • Potential customers/target market and their expectations
  • Functionality, such as eCommerce online store capability
  • Whether a Content Management System (CMS) is necessary
  • How many custom designed website pages and plugins you need
  • Whether you have existing content or need an SEO copywriter to carry out optimised content creation

If you’re talking to an agency that hires locally and does all website design and development locally, you can expect a simple website to start at $7,000 for a fairly straightforward website with around 5 pages. A more established business should expect to spend up to $15,000 for a website with a larger number of pages and more information. You can easily spend $30,000 for a bespoke website with more advanced functionality like eCommerce or advanced forms.

You have to also consider that the design and development of a website by an experience team factors in a lot of professionals. Not just a website designer and a website developer, but also a copywriter, SEO strategist, and sometimes even UI/UX designers.

Does WordPress have a High Level of Customisation

With the right expertise, WordPress also allows for the highest level of customisation of any of the content management systems or website builders available on the market, thanks to its open-source nature and thousands of available plug-ins.

Why WordPress and Not One of The Other Content Management Systems?

Overall, we’ve always believed choosing WordPress as your CMS platform is a no-brainer. It offers an unparalleled level of control and customisation for a web designer – the sky is the limit.
It’s also better than other CMSs for digital marketing services. The wide range of marketing and SEO plugins available allows Sydney web designers and website developers to ensure that websites are SEO-friendly from the jump.
On the client end, We firmly believe that a successful website in the long term is one that is regularly updated and managed. WordPress allows us to build an intuitive and simple back-end for our clients, allowing them to upload fresh content and maintain their websites without hassle. No coding knowledge or tech savviness is required. This ease of use for our clients means a more successful website in the long term

Why does WordPress require plugins?

The plug-ins that WordPress offers allow us to add complex features to our client’s websites, like eCommerce development and other features that allow you to sell products online seamlessly while saving on time and costs. WordPress overall is the best place to design and develop an eCommerce website, thanks to the hugely popular WooCommerce plug-in!

More Than Just A Website Design and Development Company

At Futuretheory, we offer more than just web design services – we’re a full-service digital agency. We offer digital marketing services, ongoing website maintenance, and hosting. Our team of graphic designers are on hand if you need a new logo, and our marketing team is on standby to help with SEO strategies, Google ads, social media marketing, and more.

We offer a full range of digital services and innovative solutions – this means we can be your trusted partner at every step of your online journey, from initial branding to website design, graphic design, web development, launch, and online marketing.