Memnet Websites

Memnet allows us to customise websites to meet the specific needs of member organisations and their members, offering features like event booking integration, member-only access, self-service options, account management, and more. We have over 15 years of experience designing and developing custom websites, many of these being member organisation websites. This makes us perfectly placed to take your member website to the next level, whether it's developing a new website from scratch or integrating MemNet to your existing website.

Member self-serve

Memnet-integrated websites empower members to take complete control of their membership and everything related, allowing them to access their account information directly through the site. With memnet integration, your members can easily book events, participate in forums, browse through resource sections, and even search for other members.

We make sure all these key functionalities are user-friendly and intuitive, allowing your members to navigate the website and manage their membership with ease and confidence. The easier it is to renew memberships, the more likely your members are to do it – meaning Memnet integration actively drives more revenue for your business.

Exclusive member-only content

Memnet allows us to add exclusive member-only features and content to your website, creating a password-protected space where members can access news, resources, an industry-specific job board and special offers not available to the general public.

Exclusive member-only content can be invaluable to both you and your members – it allows you to add even more value to your membership offering, encouraging a higher engagement level and increasing the chances of renewals.

Beautifully designed events

Events are hugely important for membership engagement, and we make easier than ever for you to promote your organisation’s events by designing event pages tailored to your needs, in a way that is not only visually stunning but also initiative and user friendly. We can design events and organise information however you like, with completely custom event design, easy to use interface and information architecture that encourages member attendance.

Seamless Integration

We integrate Memnet into your website completely seamlessly – this means your members and website visitors can carry out a wide range of actions without ever having to leave your site. All Memnet data flows smoothly into your site, ensuring all member interactions with your site are cohesive and uninterrupted, contributing hugely to a better user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Memnet?

Memnet is an Australian membership, subscription, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and event management solution. It’s widely used by associations, federations, unions, clubs, and charities in Australia and New Zealand. 

Designed to streamline administration, Memnet helps organisations connect with their members and enhance the member experience. It offers a fully integrated administration and member-facing solution, which includes features for managing various aspects of membership and event coordination.

What are the benefits of using Memnet?

Integrating Memnet into your website allows you to increase the value proposition you offer members through exclusive member only content, easy-to-manage memberships, seamless sign-up and renewal, and user-friendly payment gateways. Memnet integration also allows you to add exclusive member features like job boards and event pages to your site – valuable features that improve member experience and increase renewal rates.