Photo Editing Techniques To Help You Find Your Style

Having a firm grasp of post-processing is the key to finding your unique style as a photographer. Making minor tweaks to colour and contrast or exploring Lightroom presets is a great place to start – it’ll help you add your personal touch to your photos and establish a post-processing routine that works best for you.

New Additions To FT Studio

We designed FT Studio to be a versatile professional space where our clients have plenty of creative space to work, shoot, and bring their visions to life.

Canberra Groups To Follow For Creatives

These groups can help you discover what is happening locally and find collaboration opportunities that can help market your business to new users and brands.

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Tips For Shooting Better vVdeo

No matter what device you decide to use whether that be a dedicated camera, or your smartphone, these tips will help you lift your video game.