Embedding a MemNet Event on a Page

MemNet events can be embedded or displayed within a page on a website with a WordPress MemNet integration. To do this, copy and paste the code below on the page you would like to display the tickets. When you do this, WordPress should automatically detect the code to be a shortcode. If this does not occur, use a shortcode block to paste the code.

MemNet Events Shortcode

[memnet-iframe url="/memberselfservice/eventbooking.aspx?selectedEventId=E007&HideTitle=true&HideHeader=true&HideVenue=true&HideOrganiser=true&HideFurtherDetails=true&HideCancellation=true&HideDescription=true&HideDates=true&HideMap=true&HideCPD=true" public="true"]

To choose which event you would like to display, change the Event ID in the code above, replacing only the content after =. In the code above, you would replace E007 with the Event ID.

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