Our New Logo, Branding and Website

We’re going through a very exciting time at Futuretheory. You’ll have seen we have a new logo, you’re reading this on our redesigned website, and our overall branding has had a refresh.

This all comes at the same time as the change of our business structure and a new addition to our team. So, why have we made these changes?

Going back to the start

We worked with our first client in 2008 on a video editing project. Since then, we have been involved in everything from web development, to photography, to marketing and design. On this journey we’ve had a name change and a number of logo changes but our goal has always been to represent who we are and what we do.

Why now?

Until now, our focus has been solely on our professional services (websites, marketing and design). Our vision is to build a more rounded business that is more accessible to more people, by sharing knowledge, tools and providing a creators space, all of which align better with our mission:

We make your goals come true.

The new logo

When we began exploring a new logo we had a number of requirements. It had to be:

  • Modern but timeless
  • Flexible in its application
  • Distinct from others in the market
  • Representative of the people behind the business

We went through over 250 sketches, countless iterations and extensive conversations before we refined our vision to what you see today. We arrived at a very minimal shape, complemented by crisp text that can be used at small sizes without losing legibility. It is flexible and lends itself to a design language that you will see used in our marketing and collateral moving forward. Our new logo is modern but doesn’t rely on any trends, so we can keep this identity for the foreseeable future. We believe the casual, quirky and bold icon represents us and the way we like to do business – welcoming, informal, and confident.

The refined blue

From our first brand colours of yellow and purple to our most recent vibrant blue – we’ve made some daring choices. We’re sticking with blue but we’ve reigned it back, allowing our bold icon to speak for itself. This refined blue is more palatable and can be used in more applications. It is a minor change but it feels like a more mature representation of who we are now.

The new website

Our new website replaces one that has served us well, but left us wanting. This new design fills a few gaps from our previous version and increases our capability as a business. An exciting addition (that we’ll be exploring more in a later post, along with other features) is our latest section – a central platform for resources, knowledge, our Future Tribe podcast and so much more.

What’s next?

With a new logo and website that better represents who we are and where we’re going, we’ll continue on our mission of making goals come true. We are looking forward to this next phase of Futuretheory and we are excited to start sharing more through our online home. Keep an eye out for our next announcement in the coming weeks!

  • Germaine Muller
  • Founder and Managing Director at Futuretheory
  • When he’s not working on a project, you’ll see him writing across a range of different topics including marketing, development and design.
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