Integra Service Dogs Australia’s ‘Give Where You Live’ Campaign

Long-term friend of Futuretheory, Integra Service Dogs Australia (ISDA), is running a campaign for Canberra Day in collaboration with Hands Across Canberra. ISDA’s goal is to provide veterans and first responders affected by PTSD with highly trained Labrador service dogs. 

The 2024 Canberra Day Appeal aims to raise $45,000 for their Advanced Puppy School. This fund will go towards training four new Labrador Assistance Pups, specially tailored to support individuals with PTSD. These dogs undergo an extensive 12-24 week training program designed to tune them to their owner’s specific triggers and provide unwavering support through the trauma and stresses of everyday life.

The value these service dogs provide cannot be overstated. They serve as a constant, reassuring presence for their owners and play a crucial role in managing symptoms of PTSD like night terrors and panic attacks. 

It’s community support and donations that enable ISDA to continue its invaluable work. During the 48-hour Give Where You Live campaign, every contribution, no matter the size, will be doubled in value through matched funding for the first $7,500. It’s a remarkable opportunity for the community to rally together and support a cause that offers a new lease on life to those who have served their country.

The campaign will run on 6 & 7 March 2024. Please donate at

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