Migrating to futuretheory.co

The eagle eyed visitors may have noticed that we migrated from futuretheory.com.au to futuretheory.co. This shift to a .co domain name is something that we had been planning for a little while now – we just had to find the right time to migrate. There are no other notable changes to the website at this time, so everything is where you are used to it being.

Why move to .co?

We have a global audience. Our website has been visited by people from 75% of the countries of the world. While we are limited by being an English-only website, we cover topics with global relevance and application, and we wanted to extend this relevance to the domain name.

The website also reaches peaks of 400 visitors and 2,000 page views per day, organically, without any advertising. By having a domain extension that is global, we can create content that serves more people.

.co is shorter than .com

There isn’t a better way to put it. We wanted a domain name that was as short as possible while having the company name in its entirety, and .co was the only way to accomplish this.

.co is becoming more common

.co is a domain extension that is used by numerous companies today, including those like zip.co and thankyou.co who are well known consumer products. This increase in the public’s awareness of the .co domain extension, and studies that indicate that it is nearly as good as a .com from a recall and trust perspective, gave us the confidence that almost everyone would recognise futuretheory.co as a legitimate domain name and not an error/omission.

Why not .com?

The .com version of the URL has been registered since 2001, and when we first registered the futuretheory.com.au domain in August, 2016, we were 15 years too late! We may acquire the .com domain in the future if it comes up for sale again.

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