Photography Studio Hire Canberra: Your Options

Looking for the perfect studio space for your next photoshoot? Trying to find the perfect studio space can be a challenge – especially since Canberra doesn’t have as many studio hire options as other cities like Sydney or Melbourne. However, there are still local studios to suit your needs- Whether you’re a professional photographer in need of a well-equipped space, a beginner looking to experiment with studio photography, or a business seeking the perfect backdrop for product shoots or film. 

To save you the legwork (or googling) of trying to find the perfect studio for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best dedicated studio spaces Canberra has to offer you and your crew.

FT Studio in Beard.
FT Studio in Beard.

What To Look For In A Canberra Studio Space

The first step to finding the perfect studio space in Canberra for you is to get a clear idea of what you need. Here’s what you need to consider:

  • Natural vs controlled lighting: Natural light can be great if you’re after a more light and airy look – but it also means you’re at the mercy of the weather and have less control. Artificial studio lighting can be more reliable and can be manipulated in a studio setting to look like natural light.
  • Size: Studios can vary greatly when it comes to size, from slightly bigger to the average bedroom to warehouse size. Make sure to consider the amount of space you need for lighting, audio, and videography and the number of people in your group. A cramped photography environment can be a lot harder to work in.
  • Equipment: Some studios have extra equipment on hand available for us, like backdrops, lighting, and props. Other studios require you to hire it for an extra cost, while some require you to bring all your own equipment. Take stock of what you have in your personal arsenal and what you need for the shoot.
  • Location: Choose a studio that’s easy to access. While there are options close to the CBD, quieter areas like Fyshwick, Beard, and Mitchell are also worth considering and generally cost less to hire.  Choose a studio with facilities to get changed, check hair and makeup, clean up or wash off if needed, cater or eat, and fulfil any other niche requirements for your project.
  • Amenities: When you hire a studio, you’re often paying for the amenities available on-site as well. These might include access to kitchen appliances like a fridge or microwave, a changing room, refreshments, props, and furniture. 
  • Parking: On shoot day, you want everything to go as smoothly as possible.  Showing up the morning of and finding out there’s no parking within a few hundred metres and you’ll have to haul your equipment up the road isn’t ideal. Make sure you check out the parking situation before you make a studio booking.

FT Studio in Beard

FT Studio, 15 minutes from the city centre. is definitely one of the biggest studios available for hire in Canberra. Their larger photography area, Space One, is 126 square metres in size with 6-metre high ceilings, giving you all the space to create. At that size, the studio would also be suitable for large-scale workshops, video productions, or a whole range of production needs.

The studio is fully blacked out, giving you full, adjustable control over light during your shoot, although you can open the 3.6 metre-high roller door if you still want plenty of natural light and flexibility. The exposed concrete walls make the perfect blank canvas for portrait shoots, headshots, or fashion shoots. In terms of equipment, you’ll have items including a portable green screen, a variety of furniture, lighting options and backdrops.

FT Studio also has a smaller studio for hire (15 square metres), Space 2, that’s ideal as a workspace for podcasts, webinars, small group meetings and recording sessions. This studio features access to podcast and live streaming equipment, including monitors, microphones, and a podcast recorder. It can also be used as a green room in conjunction with Space 1.

Amenities and facilities include:

  • Bathroom with easy access and shower
  • Common breakout and chill space with a lounge and a dining table
  • Kitchenette with a refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave
  • Loading dock/area
  • Optional add-on off-street parking
  • Makeup station

FT Studio Pricing

Space One has a $120 hourly rate on weekdays. A half day costs $410, and a full day $640. Space Two will run you $ 50 per hour, $180 for a half day and $280 for a full day. They also accommodate weekend and public holiday bookings at an increased rate.

Lonsdale St. Studio in Braddon

Lonsdale St. Studio is 750 metres from the CBD in the Braddon neighbourhood, right next door to Civic Pub. They offer three different creative spaces available for hire, alongside a green room. All the spaces have been treated acoustically to ensure good audio quality and soundproofing – perfect for broadcasting. The sizes of the private spaces range from 19.5 square metres to 66 square metres. In terms of equipment, you get access to a range of colour backdrops, a cyclorama, lighting options, and photography and audio equipment that you can rent.

Amenities and facilities include: 

  • Free NBN wifi for high-definition streaming
  • Optional add-on green room with a small kitchen and makeup station
  • Air conditioning 
  • Accommodation and catering options

Lonsdale St. Studio Pricing 

Studio hire starts from $200 per hour or $795 for a half day for Studio A, which is their largest and most versatile space. Studio B is available from $150 per hour or $495 for a half day, while Studio C, suited for podcasting and audio recordings, starts from $95 per hour. If you need the Green Room, which provides a space to work or relax, it’s an add-on starting from $90.¬†

Studio Hire Options in Canberra

So there you go. These two studios are great options if you’re a photographer or videographer looking to hire a studio space in Canberra. If you know of other options, feel free to reach out to us and let us know. We’d love to include them on the list!

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