Canberra Groups To Follow For Creatives

Canberra is getting more and more creative by the day – from photographers to models, to fashion labels. These people don’t just spend their time offline, but also spend their time in Facebook Groups and on Instagram (along with all the other major social networks).

If you’re the fashion, photography, or modelling industries, the groups below are worth joining. Not just to see what is happening locally but to also find collaboration opportunities that can help market your business to new users and brands.

Fashion, model and photographer Facebook Groups

Below are a few Canberra-based Facebook Groups worth being a part of and engaging with. You can reach thousands of Canberra based creatives through this way and even expand your network of local friends.

Canberra photographers, models and MUAs

4,000+ members

Canberra Models and Creatives

1,000+ members

Canberra Model Portfolios

2,000+ members

Hair and Beauty Models Canberra

300+ members

Business and networking Facebook Groups

It’s important not to forget business-related groups locally as well. These groups can not only help answer any questions that might pop up, but also could help find collaborations that are a little out of the ordinary.

Canberra Small Business Network

1,000+ members

The Women’s Collective

300+ members


There are a lot of Canberra models and brands on Instagram. Some come to mind with 5-figure and 6-figure fan bases. Approaching these individuals and brands with ideas for collaboration can help both parties reach new users and grow your following.

How should you ask for collaborations?

What you ask and how you ask for it are the most important parts of a successful collaboration with fellow creatives. No matter what you do whether that be photography, makeup or run your own fashion label, you want to be sure you are providing an equal exchange of value for everyone. Canberra is a relatively small place which makes it easy to get your name out but at the same time makes it easy for any negativity around your brand or yourself to spread.

When approaching people for collaborations, try to be creative. Chances are that the more popular individuals and brands get requests for collaboration all the time so a creative approach can help you stand out from the crowd.

Good luck with your collaborations, you can always email us at if you’d like us to help!

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