Announcing Inspost: Inspiration for Your Next Social Media Post

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new site to inspire your next post. Ever thought to yourself, “What should I post next?” or “What should I post on Instagram?” – Inspost is the answer! Inspost is an idea generator and a one-stop shop to get fresh content ideas and cut down your brainstorming time so you can focus on just posting. It’s all in the name: inspiration for your next post.

How Often Should You Post

Posting regularly isn’t just for influencers. Whether you’re a small business owner or a freelancer, keeping your online presence fresh is essential. It drives more traffic to you and can even improve your search engine rankings.

However, we know that content marketing isn’t always easy. The more you post, the more eyes you’ll get, but consistently generating new content ideas is challenging, even for the most creative people.

Inspost Is Easy To Use

Creating content is hard enough, so we made Inspost as easy to use as possible. If you ever feel stuck and aren’t sure what to post, simply hit the shuffle button to get tons of ideas for your next post, no matter the format. The blue box has video-based post ideas; the red box has blog post ideas, the yellow box has ideas for shorter text posts like Instagram captions, and the purple box has photo-based post ideas. 

You can shuffle as many times as you need until you find the perfect idea for your post. We’ve kept our ideas simple and easy to follow so you can get straight to it without hassle. 

To try it for yourself, head to the website now and start shuffling. We’d love to hear your feedback. Good luck and happy shuffling (and posting)!

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