5 Benefits of Including Videos in Your Marketing Plan

YouTube and other video platforms have increased the popularity of videos. People not only visit these platforms to watch music videos and videos of cats doing silly things, they use them for research and information. If you are still not convinced about using videos to promote your business, you should have a look at the following benefits of video.

1. Attention grabber

A large part of people online watches a video every time they log in and would watch a video if one was available on a website. If you can include an engaging video in your marketing plan, then you will be able to get the attention of lots of users. Having video is a very effective way to connect with brands. They get to see the features of the products or services, at the same time get entertained. Most of the audiences prefer watching a video about a product or service rather than reading about it.

2. Better exposure

Videos can easily go viral. If the users like the video, they will share it on their social networks. Think about all the videos you’ve seen while scrolling Facebook, Instagram or maybe even LinkedIn.

3. Increase search engine rankings

Search engines prefer videos as part of the website content mix. They rank sites with videos higher than those without videos. You can post your videos on social media and blogs along with putting it on your website. There is high chance that your page will be ranked higher. So, more audiences will be visiting your site.

All this means that there is high chance your page will be ranked higher which leads to more people visiting your site.

4. Displays emotions

Using videos you can express emotions, which is hard to do using just text by itself. People will start responding to your marketing messages emotionally and are more likely to do so. Emotion also improves engagement and brand awareness. Viewers can easily connect to a video compared to other types of content.

5. Increases conversion

Videos can increase the click-through rates and the conversion rates of campaigns. After the audience watches a video they are more motivated to buy the product or service within that video. Videos can give a lot of details about the product or service within a very short time, with the viewer having to do little no work.

Videos can also go viral. You will be surprised to learn how many users it will reach through various social networks. If you want to improve viewer engagement and brand image, then you must incorporate videos into your marketing plan. Videos can communicate your message well to the audience. You should be creative with your video to gain people’s attention. It is a good investment and you should gather the best team to produce some outstanding videos for your company.

If you want to improve viewer engagement and brand image you must incorporate videos into your marketing plan. Videos, when done well, can communicate your message well to the audience, unlike any other medium. Feel free to experiment and be creative with video to gain people’s attention. Video can be quite an investment so it isn’t for the light-hearted.

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