Supporting InnovationACT19

On Saturday 19 October, I joined a very excited crowd to at the InnovationACT19 Awards Night at Ambush Gallery, in The Australian National University’s Kambri Cultural Centre.

For those who don’t know, InnovationACT is a free, ten-week entrepreneurship program that provides the skills, tools and networks to those looking to begin their startup journey. The program supports hundreds of budding young entrepreneurs from ANU and the wider Canberra region each year.

I’ve been aware of InnovationACT and their work since their inception, but my involvement in the previous years has been only as a spectator. This year, however, I wanted my involvement to be bigger. When Vicki Stanley, the InnovationACT program manager reached out, it was the perfect opportunity to really get involved, so Futuretheory offered a website, branding and consultation package up as one of the awards.

It is fantastic to see established businesses support startups in Canberra in this way, from law firms, to accountants, to printers, there is a very strong and supportive network of Canberra businesses ready to help startups.

Website, branding and consultation package

Our website, branding and consultation package was awarded to Two Step Tommy, who is developing data-driven generative graphics to help businesses build stronger brands and increase engagement with customers. (I’m not really doing the business justice, but more about what they hope to do will be released in the coming months).

It was a pleasure to meet Declan, one of the minds behind Two Step Tommy, talk about what he had in mind for the business, and talk about how we can work together in the future. I’m sure you will hear about Two Step Tommy very soon!

Once again, congratulations to all the teams involved this year, you can find out more on the official article at

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