Our New Office and New Branding

We’ve refreshed our brand since this post. See our latest changes here: futuretheory.co/our-new-logo-branding-and-website/ 

We’ve been rather quiet in 2019 – we’ve been quiet on social media, quiet on the newsletter front and been a little secretive. But that stops now!

We’re proud to announce that two weeks ago we moved to a new office at 15 Moore Street, City. Along with the move to the new location, we also thought the milestone and slight refinement in our focus should be celebrated with a refresh to our branding. So today, we’re announcing our move and our new branding (even though its a public holiday in Canberra – yes we’re at work!)

New branding

When we rebranded from numaine to Futuretheory a few years ago, we did not spend a lot of time refining our brand. So this time around, having reached another milestone, we decided that investing time and research into the brand was an important step. The result was over 60 hours spent trying to better understand what we wanted to do, the services we wanted to provide and the brand we wanted to be represented by.

Some of the early letter-marks and logo ideas we considered.

Our final solution takes the bright electric blue we had used for a little while, simplifies the wordmark, changing it to a sentence-case wordmark and introduced a monogram ‘F’ that is bold yet different. This ‘F’ is ever so slightly pointing ‘forward’, and when rotated looks like a ‘T’ for theory. You will also notice that Futuretheory is now written like a singular word or name rather than being broken in the middle by an uppercase ‘T’.

The logo can also be used in more modern, fun instances like below.

And we also introduced a new tagline that you can already see in use on the homepage. This tagline is about playing with the phrase ‘we make your dreams come true’ and then reworking it to show that we take the guesswork out of a dream to make it a goal and then we strive to achieve the goals, the future, the vision that you would like to make come true.

New office

Our office at 15 Moore Street is a bright, lively place we get work done in and more importantly, where we meet our clients. We are a part of the Regus office suites that is home to a large number of businesses from well-known law firms to multinational technology companies.

You can find out more about our new office including how you can get here and where you can park, at https://futuretheory.co/office/

We’d love to hear from you about what you think of the new branding, and of course we’d love to catch up for a chat and a coffee. Get in touch with us at https://futuretheory.co/contact/

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