Futuretheory Has Moved to a New Office

We are pleased to announce that Futuretheory has moved to our new office in Beard, Canberra. This new space, in an up-and-coming suburb, allows us to do more and, importantly, provide a space for the team that is nicer to work in and more conducive to producing their best work.

The new location is 15 minutes from the city, 10 minutes from the airport, and 20-30 minutes from most parts of Canberra. Best of all, parking is free!

We look forward to meeting with and welcoming more clients at our new office as we return to a more normal life.

Take a glimpse at our new office:

You’ll be greeted by our Monstera as soon as you enter our office.

The meeting room is also designed to be used for previewing video projects thanks to a 75-inch screen and studio monitor speakers. It has also been configured to be used as an audio recording space.

The office is predominantly lit by natural light, with light bouncing off the various concrete surfaces and an exposed ceiling.

The open-plan office space is an intentional decision to encourage communication within the team and to add to the spacious feel.

When it’s time for a break, the dining table and couch are comfortable places to have a bite or read a magazine.

The biggest addition is our in-house 125 sqm studio, which is used for photography and videography by the Futuretheory team but is also open to the public through FT Studio.

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  • Director at Futuretheory
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