NAB and TAB Support the Jab (Future Tribe Show)

It’s episode 75 of the Future Tribe podcast and Germaine and Kelsey discuss brand refreshes, changes with Google and domain updates.

This season we’re going video first – bringing you the latest news in design, tech, branding, business and everything in between. Watch the video on the Future Tribe YouTube channel:

Your hosts this season are Germaine Muller, Founder and Managing Director of Futuretheory, and Kelsey Allen, Marketing Coordinator at Futuretheory and the Manager of the Future Tribe Facebook group (

What we talk about
  • .au domain name update
  • Volvo logo refresh
  • WooCommerce celebrates 10 years
  • ABC America logo refresh
  • CNN leaves Facebook in Australia
  • Absolut Vodka refresh
  • Google updates
  • NAB and TAB's 'JAB' campaign
  • LogoDesignTheory YouTube channel
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