Happy Holidays – See You In 2023

Thank you for working with us in 2022. As a small business, every project we work on is extremely important to us, and your support during the year has been appreciated by everyone on the team.

Before we share some of our achievements this year, we’d like to wish you for the holiday period ahead. We hope that you have a safe and relaxing break and wish you all the best for 2023!

Our Work In 2022

We delivered some great projects this year, across website design and development, branding and design, and marketing. The projects ranged from member organisations, to small businesses and start ups, to established businesses, across industries including haircare, education, construction, retail, eCommerce, charity and non profit.

Some Results

We delivered some results across Marketing and SEO that even surprised us – including tripling one website’s reach to over 600,000 impressions per month. Another project that stood out was a brand new website that launched in May – we took this site from 0 to almost 1,400 impressions a day and don’t see the growth slowing down.

In the new year, we will tally up the year’s data to get final numbers that we will analyse and use to better understand trends, strategies and how to deliver even better outcomes to our clients in 2023.

  • Germaine Muller
  • Director at Futuretheory
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