What is Copy: Copywriting Explained

Copywriting is the art of crafting compelling written content with a specific purpose: to engage and persuade potential customers into taking action. It’s a fundamental part of marketing and advertising that includes compelling headlines, slogans, and body text – essentially any written material that conveys a message designed to inform or influence.

In this article, we’ll go over the copywriting basics and explain how powerful copywriting can be for businesses.

Why Is Copywriting Important?

Effective copywriting has never been more essential than it is now. In the age of digital marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), attention spans are short, and competition is fierce. You only have a few moments to get your brand messaging across and engage readers, so choosing the right words is vital to generating conversions.

This is why good copywriting is so important – it serves as the first line of your marketing strategy to get customers in the door. Skilled copywriters have a deep understanding of how to cut through the digital noise and capture the fleeting attention of potential customers.

While anyone can write to communicate, it takes a different skill set to compel. Experienced copywriters have strong writing skills that allow them to convey an entire brand identity in just a few words and tailor every sentence to the target audience.

Types of Copywriting

Copywriting is a skill that is useful in almost every industry, regardless of geographic location or language. Some examples of how copywriting is applied in industries include:

  • Cinema – video script writing and writing copy for movie posters
  • Digital – copywriting for websites and landing page content writing, even social proof elements on a website like testimonials
  • Real Life – resume writing and even social media posts
  • Administrative – customer surveys and marketing emails/newsletters
  • Journalism – attention grabbing headlines and of course, the stories themselves

As you can see, amazing copy is useful across industries. For more about the types of copywriting and more information about copywriting.

Copywriting Fundamentals

Whether it’s sales letters, web content or social media posts, there are a few cardinal rules skilled copywriters always follow to create high-quality content and boost sales. Here are six copywriting tips you should always keep in mind when copywriting:

1. Understanding Your Target Audience

This is the absolute foundation of a good copywriting strategy and any online content. Understanding your target audience before you start writing allows you to tailor your sales copy to address their needs, desires, pain points and motivations.

This will make for much more compelling copywriting that converts more of the audience into customers. Ultimately, a well-researched audience makes for well-written copy!

2. Clear and Concise

Good copywriting is clear and straight to the point. Otherwise, you risk losing your chance to grab attention. Use simple, straightforward sentences to ensure the key information is quickly understood, and avoid jargon or overly complex language.

3. Strong Value Proposition

Clearly communicate your product or service’s benefits and value to the reader, and explain how it can solve their problems or improve their life. Including valuable information like this when you write copy will hugely increase the chances of readers clicking through and making a purchase.

This doesn’t have to be through detailed product descriptions in your ads – one well-written slogan does the job.

4. Call To Action

A call to action means telling the ready what to do next in marketing materials, whether it’s making a purchase, following your business on social media, or contacting you. Every piece of copy needs to include a clear and compelling call to action to be effective.

5. Consistent Brand Voice

Brand copywriting is a specialised field in itself, but any form of copywriting or content marketing should always keep the client’s brand identity in mind. Maintaining a consistent brand voice and tone throughout your copy builds brand recognition and trust.

6. SEO Integration

SEO copywriting strategies are especially important when writing web copy. This includes content writing for landing pages, online stores, or a blog post. Incorporating relevant keywords into your copywriting for web pages will increase your ranking on search engines and drive more traffic to the site. Always remember that the goal of writing content for websites is not SEO, it is about writing helpful content that in turn customers (both new and current customers) enjoy, and in turn, Google also likes.

If you’re looking for more copywriting tips to brush up your content writing skills, check out our guide to writing great website content.

Why Hiring A Good Copywriter is Worth It

Outsourcing your copywriting, whether through a freelance copywriter or a digital marketing agency, might be a much more worthwhile investment for your business than you realise. Content creation of any kind is time-consuming and requires expertise to be effective, and copywriting is no exception.

Copywriting is more than just producing written text -it requires strong marketing and writing skills and a large dash of creativity. Writing persuasive, results-oriented copy is a specialised field that involves understanding the target audience’s psychology and translating that into compelling prose while remaining concise.

Hiring a skilled copywriter to create content for your business can increase traffic to your website and motivate more people to take the extra step and make a purchase or booking.

Experienced Copywriters vs. AI Tools

With the rise of AI tools that can produce content in recent years, there’s been debate over whether hiring a professional for copywriting is still worth it. However, hiring a copywriter still has distinct advantages and will continue to do so for a long time to come.

Copywriters bring creativity and a deep understanding of human emotions to their work and every single word. They can craft content using a conversational tone that engages your brand’s target audience on an emotional level using storytelling techniques to adapt to their unique needs. 

AI tools, on the other hand, lack the nuance and human touch that creative copywriting strategies need to be effective.

How To Measure Copywriting Success

Good copywriting and high-quality content writing have concrete outcomes and measurable effects on your business – it’s not about word count or an arbitrary measurement. You can measure the success of your copywriting strategies using key performance indicators (KPIs) like click-through rates, conversion rates, website traffic, and customer engagement.

It’s essential to continuously track and analyse these metrics using up-to-date information using tools like Google Analytics to ensure that your copywriting strategies are effective. Doing so allows you to make necessary improvements to your content and ensure it effectively engages with your target audience.

If you find you have consistently low click-through rates and website traffic, it might be time to rethink your copywriting strategy altogether or consider hiring professional brand copywriters.

Experienced Canberra Copywriting and Digital Marketing Agency

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