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Our range of Canberra web services are proudly delivered by a team of experienced web professionals, having delivered over 100 websites.

Why Does a Website Go Down?

Having a website that’s consistent and reliable strengthens your online presence, reflects well on your business and can also help increase profits.

.AU Direct Priority Periods Ends 20 September

.au direct is the marketing name given to the new domain name launched by auDA (the organisation in charge of managing Australian domains including, etc). This new domain name was launched in March 2022, with a priority period that reserves a domain for the owners of domain names with a .au ending ie

6 Domains That Exist – Surprisingly!

Everyone is familiar with the usual suspects when it comes to domain names – .com,, even the occasional and .org. But did you know that there are thousands of domain available to purchase and more are added all the time? .pizza Everyone’s favourite. Tastes great served hot, cold, or the next day and now

What is SSL and Why is it Important?

So today we’re going to talk about SSL Certificates, and why they’re going to become even more important than they already are. What is an SSL certificate? SSL Certificates are the little padlocks that you see on websites when you visit them, mostly on websites like eBay, at least historically, but moving forward, every website

What is a CDN or Content Delivery Network?

CDN is short for Content Delivery Network. It is a network of servers that deliver content from websites to users depending on the geographic location of the user visiting the site. CDNs exist to speed up a website and the browsing experience, though they also have security and other performance benefits. To get an understanding

What is a Website Server?

In simple terms, a server is a computer designed and set up to provide data to ‘clients’. Clients in these case refer to any device that accesses a website. The server is the computer that is storing all the information about the website so when someone visits the website, the server sends the information to