6 Domains That Exist – Surprisingly!

Everyone is familiar with the usual suspects when it comes to domain names – .com, .com.au, even the occasional .net.au and .org. But did you know that there are thousands of domain available to purchase and more are added all the time?


Everyone’s favourite. Tastes great served hot, cold, or the next day and now available as a domain name. You could definitely use this with a pizza business, or maybe even as part of a quirky business name ending in ‘pizza’. We simply love the fact that leaningtowerof.pizza is a genuine domain name (though it redirects to a different site at the moment).


Does this stand for laughing out loud, or League of Legends? We aren’t sure either. Regardless, it’s a fun little domain name that is perhaps even easier to integrate as part of a business name, I’m thinking Tyle.lol or Xy.lol. Also, the domain name almost certainly stands for LOL or Laugh Out Loud.


This one’s good for horse-based businesses such as stables, maybe even a race course. Ferrari could purchase prancing.horse perhaps and add it to the long list of domains they undoubtedly own. It’s an interesting choice to have an animal’s name as domain name.


To be honest, we aren’t crazy about coffee over here at FutureTheory. Nonetheless, there are millions of people who rely on the stuff. This domain name would be great for businesses where coffee was their bread and butter. Maybe a cafe, or coffee roasters.


Another modern craze that has it’s own domain name. This would be great for a yoga studio, maybe Lenovo’s laptops that go by the same name. Other than that, however, it doesn’t seem like the most popular domain name.


Another internet craze based domain name join .lol on this list. Not sure how many websites would want to use this though because ‘fail’ has negative connotations that would not be helpful towards any brand.

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