What does it mean? [Action Required] Remove internal links to the G Suite Domain Contact page for your organization

We have been hearing from a lot of our G Suite clients about an email that was sent out by Google on 13 August, 2020. This email can be confusing at first glance so I am going to attempt to simplify it a little bit.

This email only affects you if you use this link currently  Рwww.google.com/a/<your-domain-name>/DomainContact

If you use G Suite simply to send and receive emails, and we (Futuretheory) assisted you with setting up your account, you can safely ignore this email as we do not use the functionality that is being deprecated by Google.

For those who make use of that link above in their documentation or website, this email is simply letting you know that the link won’t function after 31 August, 2020 – so it would be a good idea to remove that link anywhere it is used.

If you need help on anything to do with G Suite and setting up emails, feel free to get in touch with us!

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