Free Software and Services We Love

1. VLC Media Player

This is our go-to tool for reading any sort of video. VLC is recognised as the best tool to play any sort of video. It is completely free, infinitely customisable and has advanced features such as file fixing that let’s us open files we thought were lost or corrupt. VLC is a media player on steroids and we love it!

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2. Audacity

This free audio editing tool is simple to use and is up there with the big players. We use this for as many projects as possible, especially if we want to supply clients with files they can edit. The interface is simple, and there is a lot of support for it on the internet.

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3. qBittorrent

Torrenting isn’t just the illegal thing you do so that you can satisfy your Game of Thrones addiction. Torrenting is a legitimate way to download files and share them. We turn to torrenting when we need to download large files such as a whole new Ubuntu Operating System. qBittorrent isn’t the nicest looking torrenting software but it makes up for it with a solid offering.

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4. Google Chrome

Everyone’s favourite web browser is ours too. This shouldn’t be surprising at all. Google Chrome not only ties in nicely with all the Google services we use but is also fast, secure and reliable. We can have tens of tabs open running all sorts of content from Youtube videos to Google Docs and Chrome can handle it all.

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5. Google Drive

Another Google service that makes the list. The free tier of Google Drive is generous enough and integrates with a lot of services without too much confusion. Our favourite part is that once we exceed the free allowance, Google Drive is still affordable.

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6. Grammarly

It’s important to us that we produce well-written content that is grammatically correct. Grammarly is an evolution on the traditional spell checker and best of all it is completely free.

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7. WordPress

One of the biggest web platforms in the world is also the most widely supported and is available for free. What’s not to love? There are two different versions (that we talked about here), and they have their differences but you couldn’t go wrong either way.

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