Are We Addicted To Facebook?

It’s episode 76 of the Future Tribe podcast and Germaine and Kelsey delve into some ethical conversations as well as branding news and updates with Google.

This season we’re going video first – bringing you the latest news in design, tech, branding, business and everything in between.

Your hosts this season are Germaine Muller, Founder and Managing Director of Futuretheory, and Kelsey Allen, Marketing Coordinator at Futuretheory and the Manager of the Future Tribe Facebook group (

What we talk about
  • Coca Cola's new "hug" logo
  • Firefox is showing ads in their search/URL bar
  • Facebook (and it's associated platforms) went down!
  • Is it innovation or just marketing?
  • Windows 11 is here
  • Boston Celtics and Vista Print
  • The Twenty Twenty Two WordPress default theme
  • Canva has lost their circle
  • Moving to a 4 day work week
  • Unity has a logo refresh
  • Cadillac goes monochrome
  • Google and YouTube stop supporting content that denies climate change
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