Gill Family Corp

Gill Family Corp has been operating in property development, management and investment for over 50 years. They are a family-built and operated, diverse and community-connected organisation.

The Gill Family Corp is a well-established family-owned enterprise that has been at the forefront of property development, management, and investment for over 50 years. They have built a strong foundation of success through strategic acquisitions and effective asset management. Operating across various sectors, their unwavering commitment to growth drives them forward.

Despite operating for decades, Gill Family Corp didn’t have a logo, website or digital presence when they approached us. We worked together to create a solution that Futuretheory had the privilege of working closely with Gill Family Corp in an attempt to elevate their digital presence and showcase their expertise to a wider audience. The brand was in need of a new website that seamlessly integrates their rich history, showcases their expertise and captures their work across diverse sectors. The client also desired a new logo that encapsulates their dynamic nature and forward-thinking approach.

Our aim was to create an online platform for the Gill Family Corp that showcases their accomplishments and experience over the years.

We developed a bespoke website that represents who they are today - showcasing their vast expertise and partnerships. Their 50+ years are covered through a timeline that marks some of the critical milestones along the way. Providing a visual representation of their history not only engaged visitors, but also helps them understand the growth of the company. The website features easy navigation and a user-friendly interface, allowing visitors to effortlessly explore the Gill Family Corp’s diverse portfolio of work across various sectors. Our aim was to give the visitors easy access to detailed information and visuals that highlight Gill Family Corp’s expertise and project accomplishments. As part of our comprehensive branding efforts for Gill Family Corp, we took a minimalistic approach to their logo, with careful refinement and client feedback throughout the process. The final logo is modern, yet timeless. By showcasing their expertise and track record, the brand appeals to a wider audience, attracting potential partners, stakeholders, and clients.
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