The skills you need to succeed in marketing

After a little under a year of recording, the Future Tribe Podcast has finally reached its 50th episode and we can’t be thankful enough for all the support along the way! Like the last episode, we are commemorating this occasion by interviewing our fortunate, formidable and highly favoured host, Germaine Muller, so if you haven’t listened to part one of this interview we highly recommend checking out last weeks episode. We are also excited to announce that the full video version of our chat with Germaine is also available now on Youtube at

As for the content of the show, we continue our discussion with Germaine about the nature of being a business owner and ask him to share his biggest success’ as well as failures. We then ask Germaine to give his perspective on what attributes you need to have in order to succeed in the marketing industry as an employer. This covers topics such as whether you need a university degree, what software suites you should familiarise yourself with and how to tell if marketing is right for you.

What we talk about

  • The logistics of starting your own business
  • The pathways into the marketing industry
  • What skills must you have to succeed in marketing

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