Top Facebook Groups for Business in Canberra

A Facebook group is a great place to connect with likeminded individuals. This is great for entrepreneurs, small business owners or freelancers who are taking new risks. To help you share ideas and build a network, we’ve compiled a list of great Facebook Groups for business – in Canberra, Australia, Internationally and groups for women.

Why are Facebook groups helpful?

There are over 650 million Facebook groups covering topics from all corners of the world. This means you’ll have no trouble finding communities full of like-minded members. For example, you can find a group dedicated to cool number plates, a group for sharing cool dogs, and for something really obscure, a group titled Tony Abbott Haiku Centre. With so many options, you’ll have no trouble finding a Facebook group to join that fits your needs.

Why should I join a Facebook group?

Business owners should be looking for any opportunity to network, learn and grow. A Facebook group can be that opportunity – find new ideas, ask for advice, ask questions, get feedback, and post about other business-related things.

Facebook groups are a community of like-minded people who want to keep up to date with social media trends, the entrepreneur community, or marketing and social media marketing ideas. They’re for people to ask for advice, learn to grow their business online, and find other related business ideas.

How active are Facebook groups?

Most Facebook groups (including the ones recommended below) have at least one post daily. How active a community is will change throughout the year, but you’ll always be able to ask for tips, support and ideas. The great thing about Facebook groups for business is that you only need to create a connection with one or two people for it to be worthwhile.

Most Facebook groups have content that has been built up over the years as members answer questions, share business success and other success stories, support members through everyday challenges, and so much more. Even groups that may not be active daily will have plenty of useful content to help take your business to the next level.

Some of the groups listed below also organise in-person meet-ups for a niche community, post live streams and provide more real-time content that will help you learn.

To help guide you, I’ve included the number of members in each group and the number of posts from the previous month too. Each section of this list is organised by the number of members.

Which Facebook group should I choose?

With so many Facebook groups available, it can be difficult to choose which ones are worth getting involved in. The list below explores some good Facebook groups in Canberra, Australia, Internationally and for women to help get you started in your Facebook group journey. Use this advice as a starting point and explore the list below!

Facebook groups for business in Australia

Business Business Business

BBB Facebook group screenshot

This is a Facebook group where business owners can network and support each other in a judgement free place. The group is founded on the basis of support, respect and good manners. The founders encourage members to ask questions, share wins, promotions and more.

Creation date: February 16, 2014

Members: 32,500

Posts in December: 178

Get involved here:

Check out the page on Facebook too:

Australian Small Business Network

Australian small business network Facebook group screenshot

The Australian Small Business Network is one of the largest Facebook groups for Australian small business owners. ASBN welcomes anyone with a business, whether you’re established or just getting started. It’s a great place for entrepreneurship and sharing ideas online.

Creation date: July 27, 2007

Members: 16,000

Posts in December: 40

Connect with other businesses here:

Australian Small Business Network was started by Conn3cted:

I am a business owner in Australia

I am  business owner in Australia group screenshot

This Facebook group is all about networking with fellow business owners and helping others grow their business. It is designed to help surround you with people just like you – to answer questions, give support and provide feedback.

Creation date: August 14, 2014

Members: 14,800

Posts in December: 161

Get involved here:

I am a business owner in Australia was started by Paul Warren:

Entrepreneur Australia

Entrepreneur Australia Facebook group screenshot

Entrepreneur Australia touts itself as a Facebook group for entrepreneurs (established and up and coming) who are passionate about promoting their business, who like daily entrepreneurial tips and updates, and who are passionate about business values, principles and ethics in Australia.

Creation date: June 16, 2017

Members: 3,000

Posts in December: 178

Join here:

Entrepreneur Australia was created by Ministry of Marketing:

Best Facebook Groups in Canberra

Canberra Small Business Network

Canberra small business network Facebook group screenshot

Canberra Small Business Network is aimed at businesses who have just one person or a small team. The group is open to all and supportive of small business in Canberra.

If you are a business looking to do more marketing, list your services and products, or hire someone to join your team, join this group of Canberra locals.

Creation date: May 27, 2010

Members: 2,400

Posts in December: 166

Join here:

ACT Local Business Marketplace

ACT local business marketplace Facebook group screenshot

ACT Local Business Marketing is a group to make local buying and selling simple. Small, local businesses can advertise new stock, share product offers, seek partner vendors, and even let others know about upcoming events. The group is open for all business types who have locally sourced or created products and services.

Creation date: November 15, 2019

Members: 2,300

Posts in December: 127

Join here:

The Canberra Small Business Directory

The Canberra small biz directory Facebook group screen shot

The Canberra Small Business Directory is dedicated to marketing local businesses, entrepreneurs, creators and other related services. Use this group to simply advertise your services, buy local or partner with others.

Creation date: October 8, 2015

Members: 1,200

Posts in December: 31

Get involved here:

Canberra Events

Canberra Events Facebook group screenshot

Canberra Events is exclusively for event listings. Members here are either looking to share their own events or are looking to attend other events.

If you are a business that organises a range of events, you can use this group to share your event to different target groups. The group is open to all and has an average of two posts per day.

Creation date: January 31, 2018

Members: 680+

Posts in December: 20

Get involved here:

Canberra Startups

Canberra startups Facebook group screenshot

Canberra Startups is an open, uncensored Canberra region startup group. The group has young students, entrepreneurs, and locals who are passionate about discussing the startup ecosystem.

The group is for anyone who is in search of a place to share and discuss all things startup, tech, entrepreneurship, investment, personal growth, business growth and even coworking.

Creation date: August 27, 2013

Members: 540+

Posts in December: 1

Join here:

The Joyful Business Club

The Joyful Business Club Facebook group screenshot

The Joyful Business Club is for anyone looking to have a side hustle or even quit their job to start a business. The group operates with a “no question is too stupid or silly” policy, making it a perfectly safe space for anyone seeking advice to being their entrepreneurship journey.

Creation date: June 11, 2020

Members: 420+

Posts in December: 18

Join here:

Business at Breakfast

Business at Breakfast Facebook group screenshot

Business at Breakfast is great for business owners looking to network, provide or find referrals and refine sales and marketing systems.

The group has Canberran members from different background looking to launch or grow their businesses and are simply interested in talking to people. There are two meetings each week, currently hosted virtually due to COVID-19.

Creation date: August 19, 2017

Members: 250+

Posts in December: 16


Creation date: December 5, 2019

Members: 80+

Posts in December: 5


Future Tribe

Future Tribe Facebook group screenshot

A shameless self-plug, Future Tribe is a group for entrepreneurs, freelancers and business to learn tips on topics such as marketing, entrepreneurship, growth, online marketing, and software. The members of the group link relevant quick-read articles, share insightful podcasts and discussion on new things in the world of entrepreneurship, content, digital, growth, and much more.

Creation date: December 2, 2020

Members: New and growing!

Posts in December: 8

Get involved here:

Future Tribe was created by Futuretheory:

(While you’re at it, listen to our Future Tribe podcast)

Future Tribe Cover photo

Facebook groups for business worldwide

Millennial Entrepreneur Community

Millennial Entrepreneur Community group screenshot

#MEC is a community of over 70,000 business builders from all over the world, of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds. This group knows that growing a meaningful business takes hard work, solid strategies, top notch resources and a support team with a range of skills – which is what you’ll find in this group.

Start off your journey in this group by completing their #builderchallenge in the about section of the group.

Creation date: June 28, 2016

Members: 79,800

Posts in December: 277

Start the journey here:

Entrepreneur Hustle

Entrepreneur Hustle Facebook group screenshot

The Entrepreneur Hustle Facebook Group was created for you to share your story, journey, success, failures and one thing that changed it all around.

Creation date: December 28, 2016

Members: 64,000

Posts in December: 10

Get involved here:

Entrepreneur Hustle was created by Danny Veiga, check out his Facebook page here:

Digital Nomad Entrepreneurs

Digital Nomad Entrepreneurs group screenshot

This Facebook group was created for digital nomads who want to adventure and work with awesome like minded entrepreneurs. The founders create real life events and meetings around the world for the entrepreneur community to gather, creating amazing life-changing experiences.

Creation date: October 25, 2014

Members: 57,800

Posts in December: 25

Become a Digital Nomad here:

Digital Nomad Entrepreneurs was created by Workew:\

Intrepid Entrepreneurs Community

Intrepid Entrepreneurs community Facebook group screenshot

This Facebook group is designed to help surround entrepreneurs with like minded people -people who are there to answer questions, give feedback and provide support. Intrepid Entrepreneurs Community runs a consistent schedule of topics so the group is always flush with conversation and idea sharing. Some of the themes include “Toot Your Own Horn”, “Monday Mindset”, and “WordPress & Hosting Questions”.

Creation date: October 28, 2015

Members: 17,600

Posts in December: 14

Join here:

IEC was started for entrepreneurs by Intrepid Introvert, take a look at the Facebook page here:

Humans of Online Business

Humans of online business Facebook group screenshot

Humans of Online Business is for people who are building an online business and you want to operate in “HUMAN” ways, this is the Facebook group for you. The founders and group members are there to help you, learn with you, share their tips and much more.

Creation date: July 29, 2015

Members: 9,800

Get involved here:

Facebook groups for women in business

Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine

Like minded bitches drinking wine group screenshot

LMBDW is a group for entrepreneurial minded and business savvy women who love wine! They have regular events in over 40 cities around the world and the Facebook group is a hub for business savvy women to collaborate and share ideas. This group is one of the best in this list, in terms of number of members and number of posts in the last month.

Creation date: July 14, 2015

Members: 143,000

Posts in December: 3,495

Sip wine with like minded women here:

Also check out the page on Facebook:

Entrepreneurs’ Abundance Mindset

Entrepreneurs' Abundance mindset group screenshot

If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner with a “winning and abundant” mindset from all over the world, this is the group for you. The group helps each other by sharing tips and tools to take it to the next level. You’ll find help on marketing, digital marketing, webinars, personal development and more in this group.

Creation date: December 5, 2014

Members: 9,500

Posts in December: 568

join here:

Entrepreneurs’ Abundance Mindset was created by Francesa Moi:

Women in Business Collaborative with Angela Henderson

Women in business collaborative with Angela Henderson group screenshot

This group is for the entrepreneurs community to feel connected, seek business advice and provide advice in order to help everyone grow their business collectively.

Creation date: January 3, 2017

Members: 7,300

Posts in December: 121

Join here:

Female Entrepreneurs Down Under

Female Entrepreneurs Down Under group screenshot

This group is for passion driven female entrepreneurs down under (Australia and New Zealand) looking to connect, meet up, share networks, inspiration, tips and support on a more local level.

The group has some themed days including Tuesday’s for tips where a member of the group has the opportunity to post a video or live in the group sharing tips relating to their area of expertise (for example, marketing or content writing) or Flaunt it Fridays for celebrating success from the week.

Creation date: January 2, 2016

Members: 2,100

Posts in December: 75

Get involved here:

Female Entrepreneurs Down Under was created by Angela Henderson:

Business in Heels

Business in Heels Facebook group screenshot

Business in Heels is an international organisation with a chapter in Canberra. The group is for finding referrals, sharing knowledge and accessing resources for women in business.

The members of the group encourage informal networking by taking parts in events with educational speakers, referral days and coffee dates. You’ll need to answer a few questions before joining because this one is private and closed for women in business.

Creation date: December 8, 2013

Members: 1,000

Posts in December: 25

Get involved here:

Check out the page on Facebook too:

Facebook groups can be an effective way to grow your business locally and in niche markets, and the best part is they’re free!

Do you know of any other great groups? Let us know in the comments below!

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