The Future Tribe Podcast is live

It is live! A few months in the making, but we’re proud to say that we’ve not only released the first episode but been consistent with uploading episodes since. Okay, so the first episode of the Future Tribe podcast was published on 20 August, and we’ve uploaded another 7 episodes since then, but we’ve held off on the announcement until we had a bank of episodes to listen to. If you haven’t already, you can listen to all the podcast on your favourite platforms including Apple, Spotify and Google Podcasts, simply search for ‘Future Tribe Podcast’. You can also listen to it directly on the site, here:

How the podcast started

To fully understand why we decided to start the Future Tribe podcast, we have to go back to an exchange Germaine and I had in the office about 3 months ago. We were chatting (like we always do sometimes too much, might I add) and the topic of podcasts came up. Given that we are both avid podcast listeners we began to rattle off our favourite shows which ranged from more general shows, like the Joe Rogan Experience, to more business-oriented ones like Masters of Scale by Reid Hoffman. As we continued to ramble on, we both suddenly came to the realisation that despite being Australians who loved entrepreneurial/business-related podcasts, neither of us listened to any shows that were produced locally. Researching into the topic, we found that this is likely the case simply because there just aren’t that many Australian podcasts of this genre being produced. Moreover, the ones we did find uploaded quite irregularly or hadn’t uploaded a new episode in over six months hinting to us that they weren’t still active or managed. Thinking the way marketers do, we immediately saw this ‘gap’ in the market and decided to create a podcast made for and by Australian go-getters.

Cover of Canberra Podcast - Future Tribe

As we began working on this project we soon found out that there is a lot of work that goes into creating a podcast even before recording the first episode finding guests, booking in a time, choosing which platforms to release on and determining what equipment we were going to need to record (we have more podcast-related content coming that will go into our findings). However, what took us the longest to figure out was what the show would predominantly focus on. We knew it was going to have an entrepreneurial focus, but how broad would we go? Would we try to talk about local or national news? How long before we introduce sponsors if at all?

To answer these questions we looked back at the philosophy that started Futuretheory, which was and still is to help local business people make their goals a reality. With this in mind, we decided to make the focus of the podcast about highlighting Canberran entrepreneurs and asking them to share theirs. We hope that by doing so, we could not only expose people to their endeavours but also show other go-getters in the local community that they can do it too.

Why the name?

As for the name, we want the podcast’s listener base to eventually become a diverse community of professionals who share our aspiration, a ‘tribe’ if you will. We hope that by cultivating such a community we can create an online space where people can seek advice and support from other like-minded individuals that will help them in their professional and personal endeavours. This is why we are also trying to develop an accompanying FB group for the Future Tribe podcast that fans of our content can join.

Tell us what you think

As you can tell from this article, Germaine and I are extremely passionate about this project. We would love it if you listened and gave us your feedback on how we can improve the show. The Future Tribe podcast is uploaded every Tuesday at 7am on all your favourite podcast hosting platforms and you can listen to our first few episodes using the link below.

P.S. If you have any suggestions on guests to have on, or are a ‘go-getter‘ yourself and would like to be on an upcoming episode, please email me at to discuss.