Chandon and Haagen-Dazs Change Logo (Future Tribe Show)

Welcome to a new season of the Future Tribe podcast! This season we’re going video first – bringing you the latest news in design, tech, branding, business and everything in between.

Your hosts for this season are Germaine Muller, Founder and Managing Director of Futuretheory, and Kelsey Allen, Marketing Coordinator at Futuretheory and Manager of the Future Tribe Facebook group (

What we talk about
  • The new Chandon logo
  • Twitter's controversial redesign (so poorly received that the redesign is being redesigned!)
  • Australia introduces the .au domain (finally!)
  • Yoast SEO (a WordPress Plugin) has been acquired by Newfold Digital - we'll explain why we're concerned by this
  • Poddit gets acquired by PodMatch and the future of podcasting
  • WordPress cracks down on the use of WP for WordPress extensions (and why we think this is an odd move)
  • Haagen-dazs has a delicious new logo and branding
  • Gawker has a new logo and website - and Germaine REALLY doesn't like it
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