Best Way to Securely Store Files

With basically our whole life being digital, and things only becoming more digital with the metaverse around the corner, being smart about how and where you store your files is more important than ever.

The best way to securely store files

The best way to securely store files is to actually store files in at least 3 different locations. Ideally, they will be:

  1. On a physical drive or device like an external SSD, flash drive, or Hard Drive
  2. On a cloud storage system like Google Drive or Backblaze
  3. On a physical drive or device (like example 1), but in a different location

By following the approach above, you diversify the storage locations of your sensitive data, important documents, and everything else. By doing this, you also diversify the risk of losing the files altogether. To break it down further:

  • Location 1 ensures that you have a copy at hand, easy to access, and always on your person.
  • Location 2 ensures that if your physical device was to get lost, stolen or destroyed, there is a back up on the cloud (generally understood to be a safe storage option).
  • Location 3 allows for the worst case scenario where the cloud system goes down, or for cases where you have a large files that take too long or are too difficult to upload.

When storing your files, you may choose to encrypt them, or at least password protect them. Again, the decision to do this is a matter of personal preference, and potentially comes down to your perceived risk of someone getting access to these files.

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