Migrating to

The eagle eyed visitors may have noticed that we migrated from to This shift to a .co domain name is something that we had been planning for a little while now – we just had to find the right time to migrate. There are no other notable changes to the website at this … Read more

Is this the NEW TikTok?

It’s episode 82 of the Future Tribe podcast AND the final show for the year! We’re taking an early Christmas break and will be back better than ever next year.

Goodbye Facebook, Hello META (Future Tribe Show)

It’s episode 79 of the Future Tribe podcast and Germaine and Kelsey are discussing the introduction of Meta (formerly Facebook), Dollarmites from Commonwealth Bank is finished and how Australian authorities are cracking down on Google’s default search monopoly.

How to use colour in website design

Colour is incredibly important when it comes to branding and website design. You may not realise it, but colours communicate more than what meets the eye – every colour can be associated with an emotion, an idea or a personality trait. Take a look at many fast food restaurants and you’ll find they use red … Read more

Does web design affect SEO?

Search engines such as Google rely on various metrics to rank websites in search results, such as how much time users spend on a website, how quickly they return to their search or how quickly the website loads. Ultimately, your web design affects SEO and your website’s ranking in Google. There are many design decisions … Read more