Growing The Tribe

We launched our podcast a little over 2 months ago, and since then we have released 14 episodes (new episodes go live every Tuesday at 7 am). The podcast was our first step towards creating a community and an important part of our long term goal of uniting all our content creation efforts into one area, making a home for the optimistic go-getters that we are proud to call our clients and our friends. As we move forward and keep working on building this community into a larger tribe, we also want to simplify and optimise the different brands and names that are part of the Futuretheory family.

Why the name?

The first question that comes to mind is, why Future Tribe? It’s fairly simple. We wanted to give a name to the community of listeners and readers who access our content, and a tribe has a sense of sticking together and helping each other. The name still relates back to Futuretheory but it also has the freedom to exist independent of the work we do with our clients.

Making things a little easier for us

We love creating content. It is a core part of why Futuretheory exists and why the Future Tribe is now taking the reigns. However, the creation of content is resource-heavy and adds a lot of admin overhead. So by bringing the podcast and the newsletter under one name, we only have to manage one list for updates, announcements and news. This allows us to minimise some overhead while still serving our customers and creating content.

More content coming soon

Another reason for this reshuffle is that as the back catalogue of both written articles and podcasts continue to increase, we needed a banner under which we could separate our content and the future content we have in the pipeline. Our new website will be designed with a better home for ‘Future Tribe’ and a better focus on our content separated with the services that we offer our clients.

We’re excited to grow the ‘tribe’ and we look forward to the new types of content we’re currently working on.

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