How Much Does Sydney Web Design and Development Cost?

Discussing how much a Sydney website design agency will charge is often like discussing how long a piece of string is – there’s no one answer. Different Sydney designers will charge different amounts depending on their experience and the scope of the web design and web development project.

Sydney web design varies in cost based on a few different factors:

  • Potential customers/target market and their expectations
  • Functionality, such as eCommerce online store capability
  • Whether a Content Management System (CMS) is necessary
  • How many custom designed website pages and plugins you need
  • Whether you have existing content or need an SEO copywriter to carry out optimised content creation

If you’re talking to an agency that hires locally and does all website design and development locally, you can expect a simple website to start at $7,000 for a fairly straightforward website with around 5 pages. A more established business should expect to spend up to $15,000 for a website with a larger number of pages and more information. You can easily spend $30,000 for a bespoke website with more advanced functionality like eCommerce or advanced forms.

You have to also consider that the design and development of a website by an experience team factors in a lot of professionals. Not just a website designer and a website developer, but also a copywriter, SEO strategist, and sometimes even UI/UX designers.