We’re Hiring: Marketing Coordinator (Part-time)

Futuretheory is looking for a part-time Marketing Coordinator to work in our Canberra office, reporting directly to the Director. The role’s main responsibility is to manage ongoing PPC campaigns, to coordinate a regular newsletter and to write content for a number of websites and clients. The role is part-time, 20 hours per week, with the … Read more

Happy Holidays – See You In 2023

Thank you for working with us in 2022. As a small business, every project we work on is extremely important to us, and your support during the year has been appreciated by everyone on the team. Before we share some of our achievements this year, we’d like to wish you for the holiday period ahead. … Read more

Position Open: WordPress Developer

Futuretheory is looking for a Website Developer to work in our Canberra office, reporting directly to the Director. The responsibilities for this role will include all stages of website development, from setting up a hosting account, to installing and configuring WordPress, developing a custom theme based on our Adobe XD designs, setting up custom components … Read more

Six essential pages to include on your website

Websites can vary significantly depending on your industry, business or objective, but there are six pages every website should have. Every website should have a homepage, a services page or product page, about page, contact page and a blog. Read on to find out why these pages are important: 1. Homepage Your website’s homepage will … Read more

Migrating to futuretheory.co

The eagle eyed visitors may have noticed that we migrated from futuretheory.com.au to futuretheory.co. This shift to a .co domain name is something that we had been planning for a little while now – we just had to find the right time to migrate. There are no other notable changes to the website at this … Read more

How to use colour in website design

Colour is incredibly important when it comes to branding and website design. You may not realise it, but colours communicate more than what meets the eye – every colour can be associated with an emotion, an idea or a personality trait. Take a look at many fast food restaurants and you’ll find they use red … Read more

Does web design affect SEO?

Search engines such as Google rely on various metrics to rank websites in search results, such as how much time users spend on a website, how quickly they return to their search or how quickly the website loads. Ultimately, your web design affects SEO and your website’s ranking in Google. There are many design decisions … Read more

Canberra Web Design: How to build a website

A great website is an indicator of a great business. It’s often the first point of contact for many prospective customers so you want to make a positive first impression. But how do you go about building a great website and getting a great website design? And should you do it yourself? Below, we’ll explore … Read more

My Work Experience at Futuretheory – Fiona

Over the course of the last 4 days I have spent at Futuretheory, I have very much enjoyed my time. As a year 10 student at Belconnen High School, like many others, I was eager to gain professional experience that would allow me to learn and grow, particularly around the field of design.  When I … Read more

Futuretheory has moved to a new office

We are pleased to announce that Futuretheory has moved to our new office in Beard, Canberra. This new space, in an up and coming suburb, allows us to do more and importantly, provide a space for the team that is nicer to work in, and more conducive to producing their best work. The new location … Read more

Inspirational quotes we love

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill Trust your gut – David Evans (Episode 15 – Future Tribe Podcast)

Kostinken (Kosta) Pohorukov Profile

Kostinken Pohorukov (also known as Kosta) is the co-founder of Tilton. Tilton is headquartered in Canberra, in the industrial suburb of Mitchell. They also have an office in Queensland. Tilton operates in a number of business areas including Tilton Construction, Tilton Interiors, Tilton Facades and Tilton Door Systems. They have a a strong reputation for … Read more