Website Development

Why Does a Website Go Down?

Websites are one of the most important marketing tools for businesses today, which is why it’s important to make sure they’re up and accessible for visitors as much as possible.  A website being ”up” means internet users can access it and all the critical functions are working as they should. Having a website that’s consistent

How to Clear Cache and Cookies on Your Browser

Everyone’s browser is different and so are their browsing habits. To make sure you’re getting the most out of your computer or device, it’s important for you to clear cache on your browser, so that you can have the best browsing experience possible. Clearing the cache is also useful when working on a website development

Six Essential Pages to Include on Your Website

Websites can vary significantly depending on your industry, business or objective, but there are six pages every website should have. Every website should have a homepage, a services page or product page, about page, contact page and a blog. Read on to find out why these pages are important: 1. Homepage Your website’s homepage will

Canberra Web Design: How to Build a Website

A great website is an indicator of a great business. It’s often the first point of contact for many prospective customers so you want to make a positive first impression. But how do you go about building a great website and getting a great website design? And should you do it yourself? Below, we’ll explore

What WordPress Plugins Are We Using? (March 2019)

When it comes to websites, we trust WordPress – in fact, 99% of websites we build are on WordPress unless a client has a specific platform they would like to build on. We are not alone when it comes to building sites on WordPress, something like 27% or just over a quarter of the world’s

How Website Speed Impacts Effectiveness

Website speed is extremely important. That’s why we focus on speeding up our own site and providing website hosting that is as fast as it can be. A fast website loads quicker, provides a better experience for visitors and gets your messages across more effectively. Website speed can also affect SEO, so there are numerous