42 Ideas for Marketing Your Business

We’re always thinking of interesting and effective new ways to market. Some of the ideas we come up with are simple, tried and tested methods that we can stand behind but may come across as a little stale or boring. Others are a little more out there and as a result more eye-catching and interesting.

The different ideas below are ones we have experience with, except for idea number 42(!) which is crazier than anything else. So they are tried and tested, guaranteed to bring you results.

If you would like to consult with us about any marketing ideas below, or if you would like to work together, feel free to get in touch!

  1. Start a podcast (we’ve done this recently ourselves!)
  2. Write articles on LinkedIn
  3. Start direct email marketing
  4. Develop an online course
  5. Create a Facebook Group
  6. Create a Marketing Plan
  7. Put up an advertisement on Gumtree
  8. Conduct a focus group
  9. Do some market research
  10. Create a website
  11. Redesign your website
  12. Explore your customer’s journey
  13. Update/create a business card
  14. Go to a conference
  15. Take an online course
  16. Present at a trade show
  17. Join a business club/group
  18. Conduct A/B testing on everything possible
  19. Do a letterbox drop
  20. Launch a discount/coupon campaign
  21. Advertise on the radio
  22. Record a video ad using your smartphone
  23. Order stickers with your logo on them
  24. Advertise in the local paper
  25. Order an A-Frame for your shopfront
  26. Create a social media presence
  27. Create/update your Google My Business
  28. Start writing a blog
  29. Set up Google Analytics on your site
  30. Add an email subscription form on social media
  31. Create a free download for website visitors
  32. Create/update your email signature block
  33. Add sharing buttons on your website
  34. Send out a customer satisfaction survey
  35. Ask for referrals
  36. Help a local club/group
  37. Donate prizes for a local contest/trivia night
  38. Establish a cross-promotion with another business
  39. Hire a marketing firm
  40. Request a website audit (many sites offer them for free)
  41. Create a mascot for your business
  42. Tattoo your logo (a little crazy!)

If you’re a Canberra business looking for help in marketing to Canberra, or even beyond, we’d love to offer you a no-obligation consultation. Simply get in touch with us and we can either meet in person or via video chat.

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